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What You Need To Know About Custom App Development

Imagine you’ve bought a brand new Cadillac that is well customized to meet all your needs. It has a great sound system, air conditioning and other features to deliver the performance you have always fantasized. When you finally get to drive the car, everything runs smoothly and you are totally impressed.

And now, let’s imagine a car dealer suggests buying you a car that looks like a Cadillac. While the two cars look the same, neither the features nor the performance of the fake can match the Cadillac’s. The reason is, this is a totally different car and however good the makers might be in making counterfeits, Cadillac will always have an upper hand. Now, would you agree if the dealer says you won’t feel the difference even though it costs slightly cheaper?

The same situation applies to apps and software. It is the difference between ready-made apps – developed to perform basic functions and custom apps – developed to precisely suit all the features you require.

Custom apps offer many companies the opportunity to derive a competitive advantage, to fill the gaps provided by the ready-made apps, to address the features of the business development that are exclusive and to address business practices which no other app can address. Also,

However, there are important things you need to know about developing custom apps for business organizations. Customizing apps for your business is very beneficial as it offers customers a platform to connect with you. Custom apps development gives you the opportunity you to have apps that are specifically tailored to meet all your needs.

Whether the apps are for communicating with potential customers of transaction purposes, they are becoming more and more substantial for many businesses. This is because they make the communication between you and the customers easier. The demand for custom apps is increasing on a daily basis as many people are accessing internet through smartphones.

Custom app development is very interesting, especially when you are trying to develop an innovative product that will function precisely the way you want it to. However, custom app development has its pros and cons.

The noticeable benefits business get from developing a custom application include scalability, easy distribution and increased output. However, let’s dig deeper and consider all the pros and cons for the final decision.  Known as Office 365 implementation and migration consultants and an expert of Sharepoint customization and migration, EntranceConsulting sharepoint apps development company also agrees with the following:


Data security

Data security has been one of the vital reasons for many businesses to capitalize in customized apps. The idea gets more interesting if the customized app functions with personal data.

To guarantee the security of users’ private data in today’s era of globalization, you should consider using the custom approach in app development. Customized apps allow the elimination of threats and risks through an incorporation of security measures and encryption.
Improving customer relations

Custom development allows you to build a robust personalization with every client. This has been made possible by the addition of critical tools at the primary stages of the app development.

Through this, it is possible for you to track the preferences of every client and make individual suggestions to satisfy their needs. Developing strong customer relationships has never been so easier.

Emphasizing business competitive advantage

Ready-made apps are developed to offer strictly well-defined functions. It is impossible for these apps to extend their capabilities and add new utilities thus limiting a company’s mobile offerings. Customized apps will allow this.

They give you the opportunity to invest in yourself

Once you create a custom app, you turn out to be its owner. It is impossible for ready-made apps to give you such privileges. Custom-made apps are capable of developing alongside your business and can accordingly scale to the developing business requirements. Thus, investing in customized apps means that a business is investing in itself.


Time consuming

One of the main disadvantages of custom apps is time. When developing a bespoke app you need to go through processes which might take weeks, months or even years and this may delay the launch of the app.

It is costly

Obviously, customized apps require considerably more resources to develop and this comes with a lot of costs and risks.

Engineering Websites Provide the Best Marketing Platform

What is a website? It is a collection of web pages on the world web about a particular subject or several related subjects. A website is reached through internet connection. The opening page of a website is usually called homepage where you find hyperlinks to many sites. The website needs to be maintained by an individual or an organization so as to keep the website fresh and updated. Websites help firms to market their skills.

Engineering sales is one of the many fields that require websites for marketing themselves. Imagine you have affirm of engineers that has the best brains and is masterful at designing solutions and solving problems but never market their skills. Then we have another firm of average brains but really does a good job at marketing their skills. Which firm do you think will manage to survive for long? Continue reading Engineering Websites Provide the Best Marketing Platform

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